1.     What are the rules for interment in the Hill Cemetery?
         Hill is a private family cemetery and space is very limited and finite.  Therefore, burial is restricted to the blood-line descendents of Maxie and Mollie Hill along with their spouses and descendents.  Complete information can be gained by contacting the Hill Cemetery Association.

 2.     Who do I contact to arrange a burial in the cemetery?
Contact the Hill Cemetery Association through local family members prior to grave excavation.  The Association  will assist you in making arrangements for time, location, etc., and can answer any question that might arise. 

3.     What is the cost of a plot in the Hill Cemetery?
         There is no charge for burial in the cemetery.  However, it is requested and expected that families will support the cemetery through monetary and time/labor donations. 

4.     Can I "reserve" a plot in the cemetery?
        Yes, within the parameters as specified in the Hill Cemetery Bylaws (pending).

5.     Am I restricted as to the types of plants, monuments, headstones, etc., I can place in the Hill Cemetery?
        Minimal restrictions exist, mainly to aid in the ease of maintenance. 
Refer to the Hill Cemetery Bylaws  (pending) for complete information.

6.     What are "Personal Pages" and how do I go about establishing one for my interred loved one?
        Complete information regarding personal pages can be found by clicking here.

7.     To whom do I speak in order give ideas, request assistance, or render comments regarding the website?
         Begin by contacting the webmaster via the Admin email address (see Main Page).  For security reasons personal email addresses and telephone numbers will not be posted to the web site.

8.     Who owns and maintains the hillcemetery.org website?  Is it OK for me to download pictures and save them personally?
         The Hill Cemetery website is designed to be a memorial for sharing memories, photographs, and stories.  Family members are encouraged to make comments, corrections, along with downloading and enjoying the media.  However, the website along with all related media, content, and HTML code is considered the intellectual property of the Hill Cemetery Association.  All rights are reserved; commercial exploitation of the website is prohibited.  For further information, contact the HCA through the site webmaster.   Webmaster contacts are Ethel Hill Gallant, Evelyn Hill Schmitten, and Sam Davis.