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BAKER, Grace Julia 6-Mar-1907 20-Mar-1998 dbl/hstone/w Baker, Leslie Oren 1-Feb-1927
BAKER, Leslie Oren 14-Aug-1907 12-Jan-1982 dbl/hstone/w Baker, Grace Julia 1-Feb-1927
CHERRY, Vann Keith 27-Dec-1957 5-Mar-1998    
CURRIE, Carlos B    19-Aug-1922 19-Sep-2000 dbl/hstone/w Currie, Erma Hill 19-Oct-1945
CURRIE, Dr. C Allen 4-Sep-1947 19-Jan-1997 dbl/hstone/w Currie, M Dianne 28-Jun-1968
CURRIE, Erma Hill 23-Dec-1926   dbl/hstone/w Currie, Carlos B 19-Oct-1945
CURRIE, M Dianne 24-Mar-1947   dbl/hstone/w Currie, Dr. C Allen 28-Jun-1968
DAVIS, Anna Lou Yeager 18-Dec-1947   dbl/hstone/w Davis, James D 18-Mar-1966
DAVIS, Cleon Falcon 18-Aug-1919      
DAVIS, Falcon (Samuel Falcon) 18-Aug-1883 19-May-1973 dbl/hstone/w Davis, Jennie E.  
DAVIS, Hulon James 11-Sep-1917 4-Aug-2001    
DAVIS, James Delbert    2-Feb-1939 1-Nov-2001 dbl/hstone/w Davis, Anna L 18-Mar-1966
DAVIS, Jeannie Lynne McClure 15-Jan-1959 28-Feb-2002 Marker stone, headstone not yet placed  
DAVIS, Jimmy Falcon 12-Nov-1946 29-Mar-2009    
DAVIS, Jennie Eugenia Hill  (Name misspelled on headstone as "Jinnie") 02-Jul-1892 14-Jan-1965 dbl/hstone/w Davis, Falcon  
DAVIS, Maggie Mae Hendry 13-Nov-1918 30-Nov-2006 dbl/hstone/w Davis, Oren D 14-Apr-1938
DAVIS, Oren Delbert 8-Sep-1914 29-Nov-2006 dbl/hstone/w Davis, Maggie M 14-Apr-1938
DAVIS, Ralph Eugene 23-Jan-1913 17-Jun-2002    
DOMINY, Annie and twin boys 03-Mar-1889 23-Mar-1909    
DOMINY, Annie Ruth 5-Oct-1933 16-Oct-1997 dbl/hstone/w Dominy, Mack Edward  
DOMINY, Eddie 1-May-1901 6-May-1974 dbl/hstone/w Dominy, Effie  
DOMINY, Effie 30-Dec-1897 5-Jul-1983 dbl/hstone/w Dominy, Eddie  
DOMINY, Mack Edward 20-Jan-1931 23-Nov-1988 dbl/hstone/w Dominy, Annie Ruth  
DOMINY, Olan 6-Jan-1915 1-Oct-1915    
GIBSON, Elvin C 21-Dec-1907 25-Feb-1969 dbl/hstone/w Gibson, Oma Dell  
GIBSON, Kathy 1958 1959    
GIBSON, Lonnell 23-Jan-1938 15-Sep-2006 dbl/hstone/w Patty M 4-Sep-1957
GIBSON, Mary Shannon 4-Nov-1970 25-Jan-1972    
GIBSON, Oma Dell 21-Jan-1910 24-Mar-1996 dbl/hstone/w Gibson, Elvin C  
GIBSON, Patty M 30-Mar-1939   dbl/hstone/w Lonnell 4-Sep-1957
GIBSON, Randy Carlton 2-Apr-1965 29-Apr-1965    
GIBSON, Rev. Gerald Wayne 20-Jul-1938 9-Nov-1970    
GOODMAN, Erna Faye 30-Sep-1926 21-Jan-1975    
GOODMAN, Henry Aaron 22-Aug-1895 9-Mar-1975    
GOODMAN, Mary Jane Hill 13-Aug-1901 26-Feb-1977    
HILL, Annie M 28-Sep-1930   dbl/hstone/w Hill, Jean G  
HILL, Bertha Joe 1-Sep-1928 1-Sep-1928    
HILL, Bobby L    25-Jul-1950 2-Feb-1985    
HILL, Bobby W 26-Jun-1977 2-Jan-2009    
HILL, Carl Dudley 9-Sep-1914 15-Jul-1915    
HILL, Cornelia 30-Oct-1893 31-Sep-1980    
HILL, Dean Virgil     29-Mar-1922 9-Oct-2000 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Lorena 10-Sep-1949
HILL, Deb E 13-Dec-1911 1-Apr-1997    
HILL, Dixie 24-Jun-1909 1-Sep-1947    
HILL, Dudley 11-Jul-1900 7-Nov-1900    
HILL, Elizabeth Iris 3-Feb-1947 22-Feb-1987 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Paul J  
HILL, Ella Mae 23-Jan-1906 30-Dec-2005 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Fred C  
HILL, Elmer O 21-Mar-1917 29-Jan-2001 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Maurine  
HILL, Frank C, Sr 1940 2009 Funeral Home Marker  
HILL, Fred C 25-Mar-1899 16-Apr-1970 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Ella Mae  
HILL, Fred Cleveland 14-Mar-1933      
HILL, Geneva 19-Jun-1936 14-Jan-2008 dbl/hstone/w Hill, James E  
HILL, Henrietta 30-Sep-1903 15-Oct-1986 dbl/hstone/w Hill, James H  
HILL, Henry Clayton 27-Nov-1910 5-Jan-1911    
HILL, Infant dau of Mr and Mrs J E 21-Apr-1960 21-Apr-1960    
HILL, Infant son of Mr and Mrs M V 6-Apr-1913 7-Apr-1913    
HILL, James E (Jim Ed)   29-Oct-1931 31-Jul-1986 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Geneva  
HILL, James H    28-Dec-1890 19-Dec-1968 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Henrietta  
HILL, Jean G 29-Mar-1922   dbl/hstone/w Hill, Annie M  
HILL, Jimmie W 18-Mar-1919 13-Oct-1989 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Joe S 5-Jun-1937
HILL, Joe G 22-Feb-1905 17-Dec-1961    
HILL, Joe S    10-Mar-1915 4-Sep-2005 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Jimmie W 5-Jun-1937
HILL, Johnny R 25-Oct-1961 4-Apr-2004    
HILL, Lorena 10-Sep-1929   dbl/hstone/w Hill, Dean V 10-Sep-1949
HILL, Mary Ann 15-Jan-1943      
HILL, Maurine 13-Aug-1918 11-Mar-2009 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Elmer O  
HILL, Maxie Gregg 1859 1935 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Mollie E  
HILL, Maxie Virgil (Bug) 14-Apr-1888 30-Mar-1978 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Ollie W 12-Dec-1909
HILL, Mollie E Dominy 1869 1942 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Maxie G 12-Dec-1909
HILL, Ollie W 01-Oct-1889 4-Oct-1972 dbl/hstone/w Hill, Maxie V  
HILL, Paul J 30-Mar-1936   dbl/hstone/w Hill, Elizabeth Iris  
HILL, Ronald Clinton 6-Aug-1978 18-Sep-1979 Son of Ronald and Andrea Hill  
HILL, Steve Edward 15-Dec-1964 19-Nov-1992 Loving husband of Kimberley Anne Jones  
LAMBRIGHT, Ardis Ray    25-Jan-1926 22-Dec-1973 dbl/hstone/w Lambright, Cynthel 19-Apr-1946
LAMBRIGHT, Cynthel 3-Jun-1925 27-Jul-1992 dbl/hstone/w Lambright, Ardis Ray 19-Apr-1946
LAMBRIGHT, Janis Kay 19-Sep-1949 6-Oct-1949    
RANDALL, Donald Lee 5-Dec-1926   dbl/hstone/w Randall, Lila Ann  
RANDALL, Lila Ann 5-Jul-1930 5-Nov-1981 dbl/hstone/w Randall, Donald Lee  
SIMS, Lester W   11-Feb-1919 12-Apr-1995 dbl/hstone/w Sims, Margie S 9-Sep-1945
SIMS, Margie S 13-Feb-1925   dbl/hstone/w Sims, Lester W 9-Sep-1945
SIMS, Phil D 7-Nov-1950 18-Jun-1961    
SOULE, Deborah Kay 21-Feb-1955   dbl/hstone/w Soule, Donald Earl 16-Nov-1991
SOULE, Donald Earl 31-Aug-1952 3-Sep-2008 dbl/hstone/w Soule, Deborah Kay 16-Nov-1991
TROUTMAN, R M (Marshall) 15-Sep-1901 16-Aug-1977 dbl/hstone/w Troutman, Tina  
TROUTMAN, Tina Hill 18-Oct-1903 29-Jan-1994 dbl/hstone/w Troutman, R M  
WADE, Nancy Carole 8-Dec-1942 26-Jun-1989    
WADE, Windy Gwen 2-Mar-1978 3-Mar-1978 Twin daughter of Mr & Mrs Milton Wade  
WALKER, Jackie Lee, Sr. 23-Jan-1943   dbl/hstone/w Walker, Mary Ann (Pat) 14-Jun-1963
WALKER, Jesse (Jack) 4-Oct-1916 31-Mar-1997 dbl/hstone/w Walker, Ruby Ann 29-Jul-1939
WALKER, Mary Ann (Pat) 21-Feb-1947 3-Aug-2009 dbl/hstone/w Walker, Jackie Lee, Sr. 14-Jun-1963
WALKER, Ruby Ann Westbrook 25-Jul-1919 27-May-1997 dbl/hstone/w Walker, Jesse 29-Jul-1939
WESTBROOK, Anita Louise 6-Jun-1942   dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Charles Edward 7-Aug-1959
WESTBROOK, Billy Edwin 29-Jan-1931 26-May-2001 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Diann  
WESTBROOK, Charles Edward 9-Jun-1941 20-Aug-2002 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Anita Louise 7-Aug-1959
WESTBROOK, Diann 19-Nov-1949   dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Billy Edwin  
WESTBROOK, Frances Pauline 28-Sep-1919 31-Jan-2002 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Fred Worren  
WESTBROOK, Fred Worren 4-Apr-1912 23-Feb-2001 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Frances Pauline  
WESTBROOK, Freida Ann 21-Feb-1945 15-Jun-1999    
WESTBROOK, Gladys F Buffington 30-Jul-1917 15-Dec-2008 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Winfred F. 4-Apr-1936
WESTBROOK, Hugh Edd 10-Dec-1884 4-Mar-1957 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Willie  
WESTBROOK, Hugh Mark 7-Nov-1961 7-Nov-1961    
WESTBROOK, Infant dau of Edd and Willie 7-Feb-1917 7-Feb-1917    
WESTBROOK, Infant dau of Mr and Mrs W F 7-Mar-1937 7-Mar-1937    
WESTBROOK, Infant son of Edd and Willie 17-Dec-1908 17-Dec-1908    
WESTBROOK, J W     26-Jul-1921 15-Jan-2001    
WESTBROOK, John W  26-Oct-1895 25-Jun-1962 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Nettie L  
WESTBROOK, Mary Charlene 3-Aug-1936 12-Jan-1969    
WESTBROOK, Nettie L 28-Jul-1896 27-May-1995 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, John W  
WESTBROOK, Stephanie Renee 27-Nov-1973 12-Nov-2009 Funeral Home Marker  
WESTBROOK, Willie Hill 16-Nov-1889 13-Oct-1976 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Hugh Edd  
WESTBROOK, Winfred F 6-May-1914 15-Jan-1986 dbl/hstone/w Westbrook, Gladys F 4-Apr-1936
WESTBROOK, Winfred Ray  28-Feb-1943 22-Apr-2006